All about Capricorn II

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

“Don’t judge me until you’ve seen my life in my eyes.”

I bet you want some more of me (hahaha joke!) so here’s another set.

  1. Capricorn loves peaceful and quiet environments so in their free time, they will stay home instead of going out and looking for adventure. — Hey! I love both. I love peaceful & quiet environments during reflective moments as well as adventures! Adventures = Life!
  2. Capricorn will help you get to where you need to go. — I’d love to help you in any way possible. Just ask.
  3. Capricorn’s have a true sense of honor and respect. — Count on it!
  4. Not to be rude but Capricorn’s ARE successful, the rest of you are just imitators. — Hahaha over! Not yet. In the future, for sure!
  5. Capricorn’s love (good) music. — Oh, if I could just marry you, Music!
  6. Capricorn woman is not weak and does not need your protection. — Brave kiddo right here! Don’t worry, I can take care of myself.
  7. A Capricorn is the real deal when it comes to commitment. — A commitment you won’t ever regret.
  8. Capricorn loves the simple things. Funny, considering how complex and deep their minds are. — Especially when it comes to people. I like people who are just simple yet awesome! Get me?
  9. Capricorn needs to learn how to open up and talk about how they feel instead of keeping it to themselves. — Yeah, really. I gotta learn this someday! (hopefully) Private person right here.
  10. Capricorn has a strong desire to become wealthy. — Oh man, got a lot of dreams. Aiming high! One day.
  11. Capricorn’s are serious people but if you can open them up to their warmer side you will be rewarded with an amazing person. — I get a lot of this, “the serious type”. Come on, get to know me. Don’t worry, harmless. Hahaha!
  12. Capricorn is the God of time, discipline and dedication, which means they can go the distance in bed and in life.  — Learned a lot from my mom and dad. Yeah, awesome parents I got. Thank God!
  13. Capricorn people are serious types with serious goals. When you make love to one, it wont be shallow nor quick. — Actually, I’m that kind of “hard-to-get” peep. But like what I’ve told you, patience is the key!
  14. Capricorn has a powerful presence. — No one knows, I may be invisible sometimes.
  15. Capricorn usually have high standards when it comes to dating people. — This is my problem. I don’t know how to set the bar a little bit lower. But one advantage of having high standards? Oh long story. Come on, just talk to me. Anyway, come what may. I’ll just go with the flow.
  16. Capricorn can be extremely emotional for a short time but will never show it. — That’s why I need to learn how to open up, right?
  17. Capricorns can have an extreme appetite. — This might be unbelievable for those who’ve seen me already and know me personally because of my skinny (body) frame. Man, I love to eat, eat and eat! Fast metabolism right here!
  18. Capricorn’s can be very cruel people. — In what way? No one can tell.
  19. Capricorn are so strong and passionate on the inside, they can surprise lovers who only saw the cool, calm exterior. — From now on, you gotta love surprises, sweetie!
  20. Capricorn’s are deep and personal with their thoughts. Quiet types. Unless there is a party! — Hahaha lol! I’m not that wild party peep. I know how to behave. HAHA. But I don’t know. Drunk mind, sober thoughts.
  21. Capricorn can be very aggressive when they set their eyes on a goal. — Cause I’m not just a dreamer. I’m also a doer.
  22. If a Capricorn does not like someone, they will not comment or criticize but will completely ignore that person. — Actually I don’t ignore people cause I’m that friendly. Hehe. Anyway, I’m that straight forward type.
  23. Capricorn likes to control and hide their weak emotions. — Hang on, cause one day, I’m gonna explode. You’ll see. Hah! Kidding!
  24. Many envy the Capricorn — they seem to have everything. — Oh come on, not yet. I still don’t have a.. whatever! :p
  25. Capricorn prefers hard-working lovers who put in 110%. — Cause those who are hardworking, are also those who are patient and persistent enough to stay and hang on by my side.
  26. Capricorn don’t play games. — Ain’t cool. I love playing games! Basketball game, outdoor games, computer games, and whatsoever except for one. I assure you, I don’t play games with someone’s heart. <3
  27. Capricorn usually keeps watching and listening rather than responding to what you say. — Not the “NR” type. But yeah, I tend to talk less and listen more.
  28. Capricorn is the perfect blend of tough and sexy. — :p
  29. Don’t disturb a working Capricorn. — Oh yes, please? Keeping eye on my goals. You can disturb me anytime but not when I’m working.
  30. Capricorn is a tough nut to crack. — I’m that strong. I’m that brave. I’m that tough.
  31. Capricorn is the romantic type who will dance with you under the moonlight. — I really don’t know how to dance. But for love’s sake, I’ll do anything!
  32. Capricorn is very faithful, probably the most faithful of the Zodiac signs. — How many times will you point that out? HAHA lol. But that’s really for sure. If you want a faithful lover, I suggest you go with a Cap!
  33. If a Capricorn loves you, they will help you in anything you do. — I’m that supportive. That’s how I show my love.
  34. Capricorn’s love hard so dont play with their heart. — Yes, I love HARD. So pretty please, be careful with my heart. :p
  35. When a Capricorn is in a bad mood, leave them alone because right now they don’t care. — Good suggestion, huh! Cause I really don’t want to talk when I’m in a bad mood. I just wanna be alone.
  36. Capricorn is not afraid of a challenge. The more mountains to climb, the better. — I love love looove challenges and adventures!
  37. Once a Capricorn is mad they can be very fierce. — I really don’t get mad easily.  But once my patience has worn thin, it is game over!
  38. Capricorn will not say “love” out loud; you will have to know they love you from your heart. — I can do both. I say, and I do.
  39. Love makes a Capricorn shine and you will see it in their face. — Of course, love is a really different thing. It is magical.
  40. Deep down a Capricorn wants romance and love. Don’t let that mask fool you. — Oh come on, everybody wants to love and to be loved. Don’t you?

via Xstrology

Say whaaat? Inch by inch, you’re moving closer! :) Getting to know me better, huh!  Stay tuned. Gotta compile some more and update you in my upcoming post/s. Thank you.

Missed the 1st set? Here you go: All about Capricorn


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