All about Capricorn

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

“Walk a mile in my shoes, and then judge me.”

Yes, I’m a Cap and I find these statements true about me.

  1. A Capricorn never, ever gives up. — Not a quitter, baby!
  2. A Capricorn will never try to change anyone, but will learn to accept them as they are. — I’ll take you as you are, no pressures.
  3. You never have to wonder where you stand with a Capricorn. They will let you know up front. — For your own good, keeping you away from further hurt.
  4. As a Capricorn you tend to keep your deepest feelings to yourself. People only needs to know what you let them know.  I’d rather write about it than sharing it with someone.
  5. Capricorn’s are independent because they know their capabilities and rarely trust others to do the work they can finish themselves. — Gotta be independent!
  6. A Capricorn chooses no sides. If you’re wrong they have no problem telling you. — Always on the neutral side. I’m hearing both sides before considerations or actions.
  7. You’ll never know who the real Capricorn is. They’re so mysterious. — HAHAHA speechless about this.
  8. Capricorn feel guilty very easily and have a hard time forgiving themselves. — I can easily forgive others for something, but not the same when it comes to me doing some mistakes. :(
  9. Capricorn becomes attracted to those who keep coming back around. They trust personal history and determination. — This is so true! I don’t know but there’s this one person who became so persistent on me. Then every time I hear her stories behind it, I just can’t stop saying sorry. Admired her for that.
  10. Capricorn’s are loyal and you will never know what they are really thinking behind those deep eyes. — No doubt, stick to one principle. :)
  11. A Capricorn is never afraid to admit when they are wrong, although they are not wrong often. — Oh come on, don’t blame it on me, it’s your fault! hahaha kidding! okay, my fault.
  12. Capricorn fears that their dreams are bigger than them but that doesnt stop their ambitious heart and drive. — Hey, impossible is nothing! And yes, i have bigger dreams.
  13. Capricorn is reserved for most but outspoken to those who know them best. — For some people, I may seem so quiet and shy. But for my friends, HAHAHA ask them. I’m out of my shell when i’m with them.
  14. Capricorn’s feelings are like magma. Subtle under the surface, explosive once released. — It’s because I tend to keep it to myself.
  15. Capricorn may not always express their emotions because they are private people. — Like what I’ve said, I’d rather write it on a piece of paper. Then talk to myself in front of a mirror. Oh don’t judge me, I’m not crazy! HAHAHA.
  16. Capricorn never stop thinking. — Positive thoughts + negative thoughts = busy mind
  17. NEVER tell a Capricorn they can’t do something. You WILL be proven wrong. — I CAN.
  18. Capricorn are the ones you’ll never understand but will blow your mind no matter what. — hmm mysterious huh.
  19. Capricorn is steadfast and faithful. — Faithful, loyal, steadfast, whatever you call it.
  20. On extremely rare occasions or with close friends Capricorn can go from serious to silly .5 seconds! — HAHAHA friends know best!
  21. Capricorn will forgive you.. after they hated you for a while. — I might hate you for few hours but I assure you, I forgive easily. Can’t even withstand to hate somebody for too long. If you see me angry, there must be a reason, a peculiar one.
  22. Capricorn’s are fiercely protective of those they love. — Don’t dare, man!
  23. Capricorn is a dream partner! — Really? Haha ’cause I’ll be the best you ever had!
  24. Capricorn will help you out and expect nothing in return. — I’d love to help you in any possible way. Just ask. At your service, sir!
  25. Intelligence turns Capricorn on. — dancing/singing skills is a plus too! :”> Impress me with your personality and attitude. :)
  26. Consider yourself lucky if a Capricorn loves you. You’ll be spoiled with his love! — Flotation device is what you need.
  27. Just because a Capricorn decides to erase you from their life, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. — Oh come on, “Once special, always special.” — Pepito Forte
  28. Capricorn would never cheat in a relationship. It’s either in a relationship or out of it. — I can’t do that.
  29. Capricorn is loyal and might hook on something till the end, till they really give up. — God showered me with lots of that spirit. Fighting spirit!
  30. When a Capricorn falls in love, it’s for life. There are no breakups or divorces that will destroy the unconditional love they feel. — I don’t even know how to break up. Victim here. HAHAHA joke!
  31. A Capricorn is always the coolest and reserved person in a tragedy or conflict. — Just calm down.
  32. Capricorn’s don’t just want commitment, they want someone that will through thick and thin. — For life, right? Where art thou?
  33. Capricorn will freak the fuck out and take aggressive action if their loved one is threatened. — Not a violent one. Just don’t dare.
  34. Capricorn will never turn their back on a friend. — Till death do us part!
  35. Capricorn gets irritated by loudness. — Take it easy.
  36. A Capricorn gives their all to that one special person, even if they aren’t together. — Lucky youuuu!!
  37. Capricorn and loyalty should be synonyms in the dictionaries. — I bet that too.
  38. Communication is key with Capricorn’s because they like to go deeeeep. — Let’s talk, we’re not in a hurry.
  39. Capricorn: I have a crazy side beneath my cool exterior. — For my friends’ eyes only. HAHAHA.
  40. When talking to Capricorn, don’t beat around the bush. Ask for what you want. Giving hints wont get it. — My “sensor” got a powerful signal. I’m not numb.

via Xstrology

Congratulations, you’ve got a closer glimpse of me! HAHA. Now you know bits of information of who really am I. For new additions, check out my recent posts. Thank you.

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