Bitter? Better?


“hey, what drives me to love you this much, you aren’t that great?”
~sounds bitter, let’s take it this way..

“you don’t deserve my effort so I decided to move on, I can’t wait for you anymore!!”
~much bitter? how about?

“i realize you are not worth the wait, so goodbye”

hmmm. pause, PRAY.

“You know, I love you. And that is something I can’t hide. And whatever I do, you’re still here (points to the heart). But I’m torturing myself from waiting and expecting nothing. I need revival, so I decided to give myself a break or may be, a time to move on. It’ll not die, it’ll just rest.” -pip:)


sometimes, no matter how hard we try to pretend like we are so strong, words will still reveal how weak we are when it comes to love and goodbye. so its always best, to think twice before uttering any words most especially when we are too emotional. Praying is one way of keeping us calm and normal. God gives us the spirit to speak for the right words to say in the best manner at the perfect moment in any kind of situation (love,work,recitation,impromtu,q&a portion,etc.). You’re not only being honest to the person you’re talking to, you’re being honest to yourself and to GOD. Isn’t it a big release of stress when you know you blew it all away with all honesty and sincerity despite of its complexities?

In the simplest to the hardest situation we encounter in life, God always gives us the wisdom to stand at our best, not lessening our worth as a person who falls in love and been taken for granted.

Moving on is always part of leaving the past, embracing the present and giving a warm, positive aura to your future. It’ll never be easy but what could you get out of life if everything you want will be given to you whenever you ask! God is a great driver. He loves twist and turns. And if you can’t go with GOD and you’ll just go with the flow, you can never enjoy your ride!

I learned that the easiest way to escape from something is to face it. yes, very ironic! But its like saying, to escape from the pain you’ve been keeping for a long time, you have to blew it out. Just like the above situation. She thought of many alternative ways of saying what’s inside her but fearing to step on her ego. But after praying, she finally releases what she needed to let go. She faced it with veracity and now, not exactly free from pain but she’s on her way of redeeming herself.


Let your past make you better, not bitter. It’s your choice, only yours.


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